The Consciousness Revolution


Perception: the channels of perception at every level of transmission in living systems are limited. The brain integrates bits and pieces it receives and though Test-Operate-Test processes and thereby gradually forms more complete images of the world, including the Other and the Self. Much has been learned about this process that is not generally being utilized in our formal education. Roughly analogous processes occur in every coherently organized social structure.

Attention: We can do most things better when we master the art of focusing and maintaining attention. Neuroscientists have identified the rough structures underlying some processes of attention—a default resting network, a salience network, task-specific networks, and most recently, a stress-specific network.

Memory: memories are apparently formed and maintained by interactions among molecular structures and brain waves. Some memories and brain functions are localized, some are distributed and require activation by brain waves over distant pathways. All of this requires just fractions of a second. Timely repetitions and frequency of use improve memories.

Learning how to enhance these three process aspects of consciousness are part of the consciousness revolution.

Sixthly, consciousness is a constant interplay among forces of decay and construction, regression and progression. These fluctuating processes occur at every level of live information-processing systems. To keep consciousness on a generally progressive track requires conscious effort, social and economic support, and changing external conditions.

Seventh, with the advent of human domination over many planetary processes and with our invention of means of destroying most complex forms of life on Earth, we have become essential ingredients in the survival of much flora and fauna on “our” planet. We are responsible for the Sixth Great Extinction that is currently undermining the natural conditions necessary for our own survival.

If our hypothesis that consciousness was naturally selected because it increases the probability of survival, then perhaps the reason for this trend toward the destruction of our natural environment and of ourselves is that our overall consciousness has been distracted from its essential purpose.


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