The Consciousness Revolution


The economic and political interests whose activities have led to pollution that kills millions of people and diminishes the well-being of millions more could only have taken place by deception and an unspoken consent of an insufficiently conscious public. The continued existence of poverty and the lack of universal access to shelter, nutrition, secular education, and healthcare is a further example that should not be acceptable to anyone, yet there it is before our eyes everyday.

Why does Consciousness exist?

Theory Fly
Theory Fly Emerging from the Wheel of Time


Arguments to the contrary notwithstanding, we have asserted that consciousness offers a survival advantage over less consciousness. It was, therefore, picked up and amplified by natural selection. In each generation the more adaptively and creatively intelligent living systems were “naturally submitted” for selection, and each time they won the most votes. Over eons of time the result of unconsciously repeated natural selections was a big brain in a conscious, biosocial species that has relatively specific information-processing structures and complex communicative abilities.

Could conscious selection now begin to accelerate the evolution of consciousness? We obviously think so, but what do you think? When consciousness chooses to multiply itself it eventually begins to improve exponentially, then even faster. Wherever life is desired, consciousness is of high value, and it thereby increases.

As we’ve implied above, the consciousness revolution really begins when we arrive at a recognition of the central importance of consciousness to Life—in both organic and inorganic “living systems.” The raison d’être of consciousness is to increase adaptive intelligence, i.e., to enhance survivability. This includes all levels from subconscious, subliminal, preconscious, conscious, self-conscious and eventually, various forms of superconsciousness. The first duty of consciousness is to support Life and its descendants as continually advancing forms of adaptive and creative intelligence. 

Why We Need This Particular Type of Revolution at This Historical Moment

In the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia there was a near unanimous opinion expressed that the protection of Private Property was a value equivalent to Life and Liberty. The lone view of James Wilson of Pennsylvania was that the purpose of government is the cultivation and improvement of the human mind. We now regard this principle as an essential part of our consciousness revolution. We also regard as central the Ubuntu Maxim that when a choice is required between economic gain on the one hand, and Life on the other, one must choose Life.


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