What We Build Survives


” There must be a place… a plan that what we build survives. All this beauty doesn’t mean a thing until you share it with the world.” This quote is taken from the song entitled, ” WD and The Idea,” by Travis Dow. It was inspired by the creative works of Walt Disney and Will Foreman and can be heard on this website, click on ” Travis Dow, A Life Remembered ,” by Will Foreman. In 2009 Travis and Will co- wrote the music for the theatre piece, ” Fate of Dreams,” based on Will Foreman’s  ideas. They never got a chance to finish the script. Travis Dow passed away due to aggressive cancer on his 41st birthday in November, 2012. Will Foreman passed away in November, 2016.  Their unfinished script play is currently being completed by Humboldt State University Professor Emeritus, John Heckel and his colleague, Ryan McCutchan and will be performed in early 2019.


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