We cannot allow foreign powers to alter or control election results in the United States of America. Doing nothing encourages more of the same and essentially says to the world: “Our country is yours to govern.”

There are three ways by which we can regain control of our own political process:

1. We can invoke the Supreme Court’s decision to let stand a Pennsylvania decision by Federal District Court Judge, Clarence C. Newcomer, in 1994, to invalidate an election that was influenced by fraud. The open seat was then awarded to the fraudulent victor’s opponent.

This legal precedent can be immediately invoked and an emergency decision requested      by the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate our recent presidential election results and            award the election to the opponent, Hilary Clinton, who was victimized by foreign power      interference.

Doing this shows the world that any attempt to influence our election can be quickly managed by the strength of our democracy and its institutions.

2. The election can immediately be declared invalid by the Attorney General’s office and preparations for a new election, at least in those states where decisive electoral numbers were won by small margins, or in the entire country. This would cost money, but the cost of honest and fair elections is the price that must be paid to maintain an electoral process that people can trust. Without trust in electoral processes the foundation of democracy quickly crumbles.

3. (a) A cybersecurity curtain must be established that blocks all internet communications directly and indirectly emanating from the offending foreign power.

(b) The offending foreign power must be punished by stringent economic sanctions. That requires establishing a group of democratic nations that unite on the basis of protecting open, democratic societies from the attempts of closed, authoritarian governments to destroy the very ideas and values of the Enlightenment, namely freedom and secular democracy.



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